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New Ideas!

Starting and building a successful business is not magic. Even in a downturn, good ideas
can still get off the ground.

Over the years we have come to realise that to successfully negotiate the ebb and flow of business relies on subtle but positive changes of direction that support existing customers and attract new.

Can we help?    New ideas, Products, Investment proposals

Rather like a miniature 'Dragons Den', we are always interested in talking to entrepreneurs about new ideas, products and investment proposals.

Investing in new projects or in an existing business that may need fresh input or development can be an exiting partnership. There are many established routes and the input of organisations such as Business Link, the Kent Association of Young Entrepreneurs and the Institute of Directors can be valuable.

Additionally support from the private sector, so called 'business angels' and existing businesses can be equally valuable. If you feel your business or new idea needs some alternative input, please talk to us.

We may be able to help with investment, management expertise, premises and facilities and manufacturing capability. Our minds are open to new proposals – make contact and see if we have any ideas in common.


New engineering ideas!



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